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Originally Posted by SehrSchnell View Post

BTW, my point was that the GT2 (maybe you are confusing it with a GT3) is about $50K more than a GTR, so not really in the same class.

I seriously will never understand the hostility on this board, especially from new members. We all love cars, and I enjoy discussing them with most of the members here...
Shirley you jest, hostility? it was a light jab - especially in response to your passive aggressive comment which offered very little room for discussion, and it appears to me you were trying to disable my arguement on a technicality.

If you like to discuss, discuss...

GT2 is far in price but let's be fair here, the GT-R is a benchmark hunter, it's sheer creation was to go after anybody and everybody. It's deep blue, watson, a technological monster going after the best. It's natural to compare different classes when the GT-R is in the discussion. My point was about the sheer appeal and feeling of supercars, again I think that is where the GT-R is lacking.