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The information I provided earlier is the same for men and for women. You will still want to do weight lifting to gain muscle mass, not fat mass. You'll come out looking like a dancer if you follow the right weight training exercises.

As a petite woman, focus on a regimen corresponding to that a ballet dancer would follow. You'd be amazed at how strong those folks are...deceptively strong is how I'd describe it, yet they are incredibly fit. You'll be in great physical shape and you'll have a slammin', sexy body!

I would recommend too that you focus less on pounds and more on what your body looks like. Twenty pounds of fat, for example looks very different than 20 pounds of muscle, and you definitely want the latter and not the former. Being small of frame to begin with, you should forget about looking like Jennifer Lopez. Your body isn't designed to look that way.

The best thing you can do is workout, get fit, eat right and work with the body you've got. Trying to turn it into a different body type will be disappointing -- it's a goal you cannot achieve -- and unhealthy overall.

Best of luck.

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