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Originally Posted by Sylon View Post
Its the only version of the X1 that comes in CF, there are 3 different versions of the X1 (standard Red Bull livery, solid color, and all carbon). These things really have become the forum sluts on some of the PS3 forums, they are passed around like crazy. But the real hard ones to get are solid colors. The next one I want to get my hands on is an all white X1.

I traded a Nissan R390 race car that I just bought yesterday for it There is a McLaren (BMW) F1 GTR race car in the used car lot right now. Im waiting for the seasonal events to refresh so I can make some quick cash to buy it!
I read that you need to get all golds in the Vettel challenge to get the carbon one, hence my great respect for it. Otherwise, it's me sitting in front of my PS3 until I get up to level 40 so I can buy a colored one