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Originally Posted by yooooooo View Post
2.0L turbo 245hp ?
Didn't Honda 10 years ago produce a 2.0L N/A 240hp engine for the S2000

Am I missing something here? is Honda ahead of its time, or is BMW lagging behind.
Did you ever drive the S2000? It was an awesome engine on paper or the track, as a daily driver... well that was a different story. I think this engine was designed to be a good base engine in a series car, and as such give power and torque across the driving range. We'll have to wait and see once the cars hits the streets, but given BMWs philosophy behind TwinPower, I dont think its going to be anything but spectacular to drive (given its displacement of course).

Originally Posted by dvs8 View Post
Not really...that s2000 engine really needed to be reved in order to feel fast. Day to day driving with that engine felt no different than a civic.

Originally Posted by Itgb View Post
You are missing something...

S2000 2.0L 237hp 153lb-ft
BMW Turbo I-4 245hp 258lb-ft

Also better fuel efficiency and lower emissions.