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Originally Posted by SenorFunkyPants View Post
If that RH tyre has more negative camber and more toe in than the LH tyre then it will wear quicker yet still show an even wear rate across the tyre.
If you still have the tyre you will be able to feel a difference rubbing your hand across the tread....from inside to outside you will feel a "sharpness" to the edges of the tread whereas rubbing your hand from the outside to the inside of the tread it will feel smooth.
Or it could be something totally different, though I can't imagine what except some weird production fault that gave a tyre with a much softer compound.
Thanks for the info guys!!

I still have the tyres as I was going to drop them off with the dealership at the same time as dropping the car off with them.

Having checked the tyres - it does feel a little sharper going from inside to outside but I would be lying if I said it was a massive difference.

Also from looking closely at the tyres - the last block of tread on the inside probably has a little (0.5mm) more tread left than the rest of the tyre if that helps at all?


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