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I had a mixed experience with Sun Tint. The owner convinced me to go with a 3M product because of the integrated clear coat that makes it more resilient to harsher chemicals/washing to get tire marks from the track off. He demonstrated the difference between the 3M based product and the Venture shield option (derivative, they can't actually sell venture-shield branded stuff). This was for a front clip, side panels, mirrors, a pillars, rear fenders. $1500 with tint.

Then the underlings installed ventureshield instead. I made them rip it off and put the 3M stuff on. Overall the job was OK. The nostrils on the hood look bad, and there are bubbles on the edges around difficult geometry. Lots of stretch marks mar the overall appearance of the car.

I wouldn't go back, but then I don't know of a better installer in Austin.