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Originally Posted by AMPowerJ View Post
Just that IMO these two cars are not that similar. A casual observer would look at both of them and say they look very similar but for those of us that aren't casual observers, know these two cars are worlds apart.

Go back and read what went into this car and see if it changes your mind. The exhaust is a one-off as an example. You can not build this car in your garage with simple bolt-ons.

To me they are very different things even though I know what you trying to say in your post.
I agree, which is why I mentioned it is the details that count. We don't really know what is in that Sunbeam M3 so I wouldn't jump to conclusions, but we know what went into this Portfolio Project. It is no secret serious time and money was put into Martin's beauty, just look at the mods list. I just thought it was interesting how people are quick to judge a similar "looking" M3 that isn't necessarily a twin to the car we see here.