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JtBlk M3
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Servicing my new m3

hey all, quick question...i have a brand new m3 and put just over 1000 miles on it already and have not yet taken it to its first service. the other day the warning was displayed (in red) tthat the engine oil was low and the car thus needed to be serviced. so i made an appt do have it serviced tmrw. When should the car have first been serviced? 800 miles??
i know the car has to serviced again at 1200 miles...which iam pretty close to, so i service it like 1 or 2 weeks ? lol

ps- today however the service warning was not red anymore and when i went into "vehicle info" and went into the engine oil level it was green and normal, whereas 2 days ago it was red..

thanks in advance