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Some good points made here - not least of all the cost of motoring in the UK. I guess most of us have a real world price that we can comfortable afford for motoring - still doesn't stop us from wanting something special. I guess that the M3 is probably right at the top of my affordability - and of course I understand that cars aren't investments - but i'm sure there must be a fair few on this board who are in the same boat as me and are not able to completely ignore the cost of motoring. My point was really just frustration that such a well engineered car should be battered on it's resale if I drive more than 6000 miles a year - bloody hell if i buy a Kia or Honda i could do 12000 miles a year and it would be average and have no effect on value v's age. I guess it must be great to be in the USA where you can pick up an M3 for 1/2 price, fuel it with 1/2 price fuel and insure it for 1/2 price too - I would guess that if the boys from the US where looking at a purchase price of $115,000 and probably losing $30000 in the first year there may be some differing thoughts.

Anyway thanks for all the comments - I guess this time tomorrow I'll know one way or the other whether i'm in or out.

Regards to all on my favourite forum.

PS. The reason why my dealer wanted such a high deposit (now ok) was that they got 'burnt' by the m6 - the residuals of which are horrendous in the UK - in fact I can get an M6, about 10 months old for less than an M3 - thats a $60000 + depreciation in 10 months!

EXACTLY! hit the nail on the head!

im sure just converting pounds to USD isnt fair, but it shows how much we in the UK actually loose, n remember our standard wage here is about 28k of which the tax man helps himself to 20%! i suppose its all perspective car costs us 50K, n prob will cost in USA $50-$60k so its relative in the country but you cannot just convert the USD to say they pay half IMO! any ways thanks for the help im closer to 99% (1% convencing the wife) on buying it, as Mark the car is just within budjet prob will get a few extras cant do wiv out the seat heaters!! Thanks guys!