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Originally Posted by gbb357 View Post
We're not talking about which car has a "true motorsports" engine, whatever that means. We're talking about how you're bashing the ISF because it's a Toyota. And you did say that you like BMW because of it's engineering and how their engineers take the Autobahn and the Japanese engineers take the train. Which means to you that the BMW engineers are much better because they don't take the train like the Japanese engineers. Do you realize how retarded that really sounds. You're actually making a comparison and conclusion that the BMW engineers are better because they don't take the train, they take the Autobahn. How old are you? 19 or 16? And just to remind you, Toyota has built several high performance cars in the past. The last Supra Turbo, which was 13yrs ago, is as quick as some of the current sports cars today. It was capable of mid 4's to 60 and high 12's to 1/4 mile.
What he meant by the train/autobahn thing was that every morning, bmw engineers drive to work, and thus see, as they are driving, what they can do to improve the handling and feel of a car. what do jap engineers know? thats what he meant. and hes right. bmw engineers have so much more knowledge, expertise and experience than any other manufacturer and it really shows in their cars.