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Originally Posted by ToothDoc View Post
SO, is 9.3K really worth that 1 second at Laguna Seca - and probably even less (using equal tires). Maybe for a race car driver, but for a daily driver to and from work, I'd rather keep the 9.3K and know that my car will probably not need to see the dealership as often (statistically - sorry for the low blow).
I never understand this "is that 1 second worth this much money" arguments. With that argument, you'll end up with a prius, in 1 second steps...

I haven't driven the IS-F, but I'd imagine it won't "feel" as good as an M3. It just won't. M guys put a lot of effort to the balance and weight distrubition of this car. You can say by 5 liter V8 of the IS-F, that it will be nose heavy and Lexus guys weren't all that concerned about the balance.
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