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Belkin Aircast Review

Belkin Aircast Review

Hey Folks,

My new M3 has very few options, I was tempted by the tech packages, bluetooth, iPhone integration, etc but in the end I decided that I could just get by with my iPhone and an auxiliary jack.

The first big annoyance in the transition from the E46 to the e92 M3 was the auxiliary jack is in the center console.
In the E46 it was in the glovebox, so I just ran a wire from my iPhone to the glovebox. This was ugly but it worked -- every time.

However the auxiliary jack in the E92 is in the center console. It would be too ugly to run a wire from the dash to the center console.

So, I started looking for a solution. There are several, but I decided to try the Belkin Aircast.

here it is in the Apple Store.

here it is at the belkin website

This thing is slick and couldnt be more simple.

You plug one part into the cigarette lighter outlet in the console then you plug the 3.5mm plug into the auxiliary input.
You pair it with your phone by pressing and holding the giant button.

You switch your car audio over to auxiliary, startup Pandora, etc on your iPhone and BAM, you are listening to music wirelessly.

It also works great for phone calls. I have stopped using my bluetooth headset.

In my opinion, it sounds great and is super convenient.

I recommend it.
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