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funny amg story

So a family friend of mine purchased a 2006 C55 AMG. He constantly trash talks me and my 335i and my bro's e46 m3. He goes on and says hes raced us and "destroyed" us in "back road drags", he goes on the forum making up lies about how fast his car is and how he always spanks m3s in his STOCK c55. I recently purchased a JB4 and he found out about it. Immediatly he goes on the forum says that he must beat me at all costs, when i havent even said a word to him. He thinks i cant see the posts but i can yet he still lies. He goes around talking smack about bmws and making up lies, his plan to "beat" me is to get a tune which will actually get him almost no hp but he thinks +40hp. his car has no LSD, 3 valves/cyl, auto. yet he calls my car a POS, oh btw he HATES american cars, he legitamatly thinks he can beat any mustang in his C55. Here is his MB world posts:

this just goes to show the types of people who but MBs

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