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Originally Posted by moss View Post
My dealer has stated that the values of the new M3 will be much more price sensitive to mileage than the last model. To avoid 'BIG' depreciation drops he has stated that 6000 miles per year is the maximum (rather like the 911).

Seem that after all this time, I'll be able to get an M3, but not able to drive it much

I'm really starting to wonder is it all worth while?????

Still decision day tomorrow - either I spec at 3pm or I get my deposit back.

Sorry Moss; your dealer doesn't really know what depareciation will be at this point. Purely speculating. Historically, if we can use history to speculate, the M3 has always done well in that department. BMW even supports the value by having relatively high residuals on a BMW Financial Lease agreement for an M3.