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Originally Posted by Brad@PSI MOTORS View Post
DOnt get your hopes up until you see the package has moved. I read that a lot of people got the shipping notification only to see that days later nothing was moving. They got another email saying sorry it will not ship out for another X weeks due to supply issues.

Also there are people popping up on gtplanet saying their wheels are over heating after an hour of use. I have heard the same about the T 500 RS wheel as well, and that they even say in the manual not to use it for more than 1 hour at a time to avoid over

I have used my DFGT for 3 hours straight with zero issues. You are telling me that a wheel that cost more than double cant do that?

THis is starting to remind me of the Forgstar F14 wheel screw up. Endless ship date push backs, only for people to finally get them and they are the wrong offsets and they are cracking left and right because they are weak wheels that are not properly tested.
hmm. fingers crossed for a properly functioning wheel. i have faith in zee Germans, although they make a crumby fuel pump.

the UPS tracking info shows 5 packages weights: 15, 13, 3, 3, and 2 lbs. my guess is they contain the pedals, steering wheel, tuning kit, color kit, and shifters respectively (and maybe a free mouse somewhere in there?) im betting they are going to ship the RSV2 stand separate (weight of 20+lbs i think.)