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Originally Posted by gmund1948 View Post
Most Americans don't have a clue as to the petrol prices you have, Road taxes, Insurance Premiums or additional fees just to drive into a city

How much can you spend per mile of driving and not care about, compare that to the money you will lose in 3 years of ownership and see what
you can tolerate.

You will be paying likely over a Hundred and ten thousand USD
for an M3

Thats a New Corvette, an S-2000 and a 335 Sedan in the US
or used a good 911 Carerra 1989, a 2005 Vette, an E-36 M-3
a Honda Crv and 10 Quid (sp) Left Over

In Japan you could have a hand full of nice Nissan Zs plus 5 Miatas a
Figaro and a couple Diesel Pajeros all in RHD for 55K Pounds Not sure on import duties. (Yes then you would have to rent a place to store and insure and license them pay road tax)

Dont strap yourself, especially financially over a car unless
you can see yourself owning it for 10 years plus Then Make sure its worth the sacrafice

Hope it helps

TELL me what Real Drivers training you have after besides your State Drivers License ? Think about it ?
You'll be paying over $110,000 to have an M3 over a 3 years period? Don't buy a car unless you can see yourself owning it for a 10 year period?

Dude, your logic is whack.