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Originally Posted by grendelrt View Post
I have a couple questions:

1) Whats the warranty on these wheels, particularly the paint finish. I have had a couple wheels with paint issue within a year of buying.

2) For a street setup (more than likely staggered) what do you recommend? If you are running the 10+ wheel sizes (front or back) are there issues with a modest drop? For instance the 10 front/10.5 rear plus lowering springs?
1) currently the warranty is 2 year structural 1 year finish. This was setup this way because when the products initially released 2 years ago, we weren't sure how much product we could keep in inventory as we grew. Once we receive our major shipment, we will increase our warranty coverage to better match the true quality of the product. This isn't official at all as it's a post, but I can say that the structural warranty will most likely be set to life-time, and the paint finish to 2 years.

to date only one wheel was returned for a paint related issue. It was sent back immediately after receipt due to a very minor paint mark most likely caused by shipping packaging. That wasn't even a warranty replacement as that was taken care of in the first 2 days of receipt. No other wheels have ever had a paint issue to date, and they see all sorts of abuse.

2) fitment on a lowered vehicle will depend entirely on the tire size you want to run and what type of tire it is. For a dedicated street setup, I'd get the 9.5" setup for the front and run a 265. The 10's are really more advantages for the track, as they share the same concavity as the 9.5's (no aesthetic advantage to a 10" front over the 9.5" front). On the back it will again depend on the tire size/type.