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Originally Posted by moss View Post
My dealer has stated that the values of the new M3 will be much more price sensitive to mileage than the last model. To avoid 'BIG' depreciation drops he has stated that 6000 miles per year is the maximum (rather like the 911).

Seem that after all this time, I'll be able to get an M3, but not able to drive it much

I'm really starting to wonder is it all worth while?????

Still decision day tomorrow - either I spec at 3pm or I get my deposit back.

I have heard the same, I have never purchased a new car before as not wanting to get hit by initial depreciation and teething problems, but i spoke to the dealer and he said due to very short supply and high demand on the vehicle, resale price of base 50,625 should be obtainable 12 - 18 month down the line as long as sensible mileage is accured. Im not sure or even confident of this but i feel how much could it depreciate in 2 to 2.5 years? as i checked on the E46 M3, on autotrader a 1 year old car with 6k miles was on for sale for 40K! and the brand new cost, if memory serves, of this vehicle was 41,995? I am a bit stuck and unsure wether to wait n get a used one (will be a very long wait dealer said prob get 1-2 every 2 month) or just buy and hope i get most of my money back! but i always thought once a vehicle is out of warranty and had 2-3 owners would be even harder to sell?any advice would be much appreciated! Thankyou