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Originally Posted by savaho View Post
I would recommend against using vampire taps because after a while the connection is bound to come loose and the detector will intermittently shut off or start behaving erractically. I would solder it or wire it to the fuse box the right way.
I recommend this too, but I am admittedly not skilled with soldering, and most people are somewhat lazy (myself included), so that is why I have people just vampire tapping a $3.00 wire tap from Autozone. At least it's cheap and easily replaceable, and preferable to vampire tapping the wires in your roof, which aren't as cheap or easily replaceable.

Originally Posted by Budge View Post
I don't think it matters if you carefully stuff the wire into the A pillar or not. If you notice in the picture from the OP's post, without much slack the wire would continue to rest on top of the lip from the upper pillar molding instead if laying across the airbag. I'm not really sure where someone would zip tie the wire inside that pillar without affecting the airbag performance even more, unless you plan to run the wire behind the airbag.
I noticed when I did the install a second time, and took apart the A-Pillar, that it's difficult to run the wire inside without it being near the airbag. If I had to do this all over again, I'm personally not sure how I would do this a third time. I will keep both methods up, but won't personally advocate one method over the other.

Originally Posted by Wingman335 View Post
Just wanted to thank the OP for the excellent DIY. I was looking for some good information on installing my new V1 using the fusebox, but this one was the best!
Thanks! I'm glad that it helped.