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Originally Posted by needforspeed View Post
Good point, but Jordan has had close affiliations with the west for a long time. I think it was important for Bush to have support from more radical islamic states, in order to reduce the impression that this was an anti-islamic action. Hence he made Pakistan and Libya an 'offer they couldn't refuse'.

Remember the 'you are either with me or against me' line?
I don't think you could consider Pakistan to have been a radical Islamic state before 9/11. While the Taliban in Afghanistan is often considered a creation of Pakistan's intelligence service (ISS) and there are plenty of people in Pakistan who sympathized with the Taliban's imposition of strict sharia, the Musharraf government was often at odds with the Islamic parties in Pakistan.

The bottom line was Afghanistan presented a challenge to US military planners and we needed Pakistan to allow US forces to use their facilities and airspace. Pakistan's historic support for the Taliban was based more on regional political considerations rather than religious and the US altered those considerations. It became more politically advantageous to support us than the Taliban.

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