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Originally Posted by DrakeKemper View Post
Two things.

1st, I didn't order the sunroof, I bought the car used, I hate the sunroof.

2nd, to "tightie". I went wrong with red accents? You wanted orange rims, don't call me tacky.

3rd, If you don't like the car, why do you keep coming back to the thread? I didn't say everyone had to like it? The car looks like a fighter jet in person, once the photoshoot happens, I would like to see some of your responses go the other way. It is my car, I like it, and obviously my sponsors like it because they are behind the car 100%.

1. sucks for you

2. Are you seriously trying to diss josh's car? Are you new here? His car looks sick as hell and sadly for you he can pull off the orange, it looks sick.

3. How can we not come back? This car belongs in one of the ugliest m3 competitions. Hey atleast you went with a revinora front lip, it looks sick (props to oshin). As long as you post, we are entitled to our opinion. Why are you getting butt heart? The car does not look like a fighter set in person or in your wildest dreams. What you going to say next you smoked one too? Your sponsors dont give a crap about you or your car, no ones in the business to give you a discount for fun. Its all business kido. Luckily in your case im sure your "fighter jet" attracts a lot of attention lolol.

fighter jet