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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
S-volume is never defeated even in the lowest setting and that only adjust volume, not equalization. The equalization is neither manually adjusted or defeated, so there is a form of dynamic EQ in this system but based on speed and not in real time audio.

All the time delays and cabin space acoustic measurements are done in the DIRAC chip, so any adjustment to those acoustic parameters are done based on speed.

I think that we are really beating dead horse here.
To correct myself, S-Volume somewhat also contributes to the dynamic equalization. Did some tests with my Individual Audio with my CCC -while my CIC is being updated for Combox- and I found out that when S-Volume is set to 1 (min) the speed dependent EQ bumps the bass level and decrease the rest of the bands to the point of muddyness.

The effect is dramatic at over 70mph: set the system EQ/bass/treble pretty nicely before driving away and suddenly at 70mph and above it sounds like crap. The woofers start to pop like they will be blown soon and the rest of the speakers lost all the definition.

So I went ahead and tried different S-Volume levels as since BMW introduced this feature in the last two decades I have never set that level higher than 1. Surprise... level 4 eliminates the muddyness when the volume is automatically increased. So whatever EQ curve is being applied at a certain speed now it is being applied proportionately to all bands and not only to the bass. No more cutting all mid to high frequencies levels and increasing the bass/low range.

I still unconvinced that this system is worth $1900, it is really lackluster regardless of adjustments and requires more money to replace the mediocre OEM woofers to sound decent. However, if the complaint is how muddy this system sounds then adjusting the S-Volume will radically help with this, even more than adjusting the EQ can.