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I want to get it for 360 but I have no wheel for it. I hate using the controller for driving games. I will add you though. My XBL is XxL0RD HELM3txX I am a spaceballs fan the O in Lord is actually a zero. The only other games I have right now are MW2 Red dead redemption, and BO.

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Arcade mode usually has the simulation settings turned down, if not off. That makes every car equal, which is unrealistic, and usually tire sim is off too. It's not that in the career your team wants you to do bad or something. The career settings you have are more realistic then the arcade settings. Not to mention that Catalunya is the AI's best track by a fair margin.

The patch has been out for a while now. And when you start a career, it asks you how long you will be in F1, and the longer your career is, the worse your starting team options are. If you choose a 7 year career, your teams are the three new ones. With a 5 year career it adds Torro Rosso and Sauber. And a 3 year career opens up Force India and Williams as options.

If you end up buying it for the 360 add me. My gamertag is LEDZEP0687
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