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Originally Posted by GregTheStig View Post
F1 2010 is a good game, but it took me forever to get used to the driving physics of it all. Plus the whole role playing factor in it is cool... until your team gives you a truly shitty car.

Like at Catalunya I could only manage a 1:28, and I was getting smoked. No matter what setting I used it was terrible. Then I go in arcade mode and do a flying lap with the same car and I get a 1:22! Seriously, my virtual team gave me a car 6 seconds slower and I couldn't do anything to get it faster. That's when I stopped playing it.... that an GT5 came out. So unless your team gives you the shaft you'll enjoy it.
Arcade mode usually has the simulation settings turned down, if not off. That makes every car equal, which is unrealistic, and usually tire sim is off too. It's not that in the career your team wants you to do bad or something. The career settings you have are more realistic then the arcade settings. Not to mention that Catalunya is the AI's best track by a fair margin.

Originally Posted by Brad@PSI MOTORS View Post
...Codemasters said they will be patching it and taking care of the issues like the one you mentioned. I know the car you get has a lot to do with your selection of how many seasons you set to participate in, and how well you do overall.
The patch has been out for a while now. And when you start a career, it asks you how long you will be in F1, and the longer your career is, the worse your starting team options are. If you choose a 7 year career, your teams are the three new ones. With a 5 year career it adds Torro Rosso and Sauber. And a 3 year career opens up Force India and Williams as options.

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