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Ya TDU2 has very little cars. They had licensing issues with a few car companies. That combined with the bike pack costing 1200 microsoft pts is just retarded. They are going to release future DLC's with more cars that should of been in the game in the first I am not going to spend $80+ to get a good varity of cars. Also they will have zero lambos, BMW's, no ZR1, and F1 Mclarens in the game. Just the new Mclaren which I could care less about. they are going to have a other non car DLC's. Some people will end up paying well over $100 to play this game which is crazy to me.

I know F1 2010 is harder game than most think, but it still may be worth it and Codemasters said they will be patching it and taking care of the issues like the one you mentioned. I know the car you get has a lot to do with your selection of how many seasons you set to participate in, and how well you do overall.

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F1 2010 is a good game, but it took me forever to get used to the driving physics of it all. Plus the whole role playing factor in it is cool... until your team gives you a truly shitty car.

Like at Catalunya I could only manage a 1:28, and I was getting smoked. No matter what setting I used it was terrible. Then I go in arcade mode and do a flying lap with the same car and I get a 1:22! Seriously, my virtual team gave me a car 6 seconds slower and I couldn't do anything to get it faster. That's when I stopped playing it.... that an GT5 came out. So unless your team gives you the shaft you'll enjoy it.

And the TDU2 car list had some nice cars in there, but everything else sucked. After I saw the list I was no longer excited about it.
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