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Originally Posted by devo View Post
I respect all of these discussions on EU weight, etc... but it can become very confusing. If you look on the Porsche forums, you'll find that they say it is BMW that grossly under estimates their vehicle weight. (I.E. the 997tt weighs roughly 3495lbs. in the states v. the claimed 3483lbs. for the new M.) That is obviously well less than the 50kg difference claimed by Steved. I know, it's the different standards and integrity issues, but which manufacturer do you believe?
Well I am on both forums and having weighed both brands I would say they are both as accurate as eachother. Porsche always deliver more power than the quoted figures (certainly those press cars that I have tested in the past few years), and up until recently BMW have often fallen short particularly with the E46 M3. Recent M-models such as the Z4M have delivered above (or exactly) as claimed and M5 and M6 seem to deliver (like Porsche) more than claimed.

In my experience the main German prestige brands (BMW, Porsche, Audi and Mercedes) sit in a very narrow corridor of talent and share many of the same principles and values. You often find people throwing stones at each other on forums, but in reality I don't find the differences that great. They're all Germans after all...