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Ehh I wanted to switch from ATT to verizon when I heard this, but so far verizon has proven to be nothing but crap. Where I live i get better service with ATT and I've had just about enough with verizon's customer "service"

When droids came out at first, I even really didn't like my iphone as much and couldn't wait to switch to verizon and get a droid.. til my gf got the htc incredible. it has awful battery life (it drains from 100% to 18% overnight on idle, we've switched the battery, factory reset, everything) and she wants it replaced. We go to customer service, and instead of helping some earring-wearing punk flat out tells her "keep your droid it's better. i have a droid. no don't get a blackberry i charge mine three times a day, your droid is better.. blah blah, the battery drains cuz its ~SO POWERFUL~ have you tried unplugging the charger and plugging it back in when its full? have you tried this App Killer program?" (this is when i interject and say we looked it up and google's own development team doesn't approve of any app killer program, and it actually wastes more resources) "no way they're wrong!" Seriously verizon service guy? You're telling me the people that made your phone's OS are wrong? Worst service ever..

One thing i did manage to get out of them was that the verizon version is "specifically tailored" to verizon. meaning you'll probably get all the bloatware crap verizon puts on their phones like the pay-to-use VZ navigator (versus droid's free google maps, or ATT iphone's free map app or mapquest app), un-uninstallable skype, flickr, and other programs, and somehow they'll suck all the goodness out of it.

i know in some areas verizon has better reception, but i would never switch to verizon just for this phone.. i'm okay with ATT or i'll go back to a blackberry if I gotta..

sorry I kinda ranted, but the girlfriend's been getting on MY nerves with all these complains, so I figure I should relay them to you all if you're thinking of switching to verizon just for this phone and have some vendetta against ATT

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