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Originally Posted by Steved View Post
Well, as was said on another forum anyone who decides that a 185mph 260 bhp/tonne sports sedan isn't fast enough, needs to check their pulse.

We live in an age when it surely can't be long before we're all condemmed to drive around in GPS monitored eco-fuel boxes. How many more 400+ bhp sports cars will we see being launched beyond this decade?

Very true indeed. GM's Mr. Lutz has already put the hold on some models pending the outcome of the next emissions standards. The Blue Devil/SS made it in under the wire though!

In response to the people asking how some of of us could decide on a car before it's driven...well, my response is that I expect the M3 to be as close a sports car as any sedan can be. It sets the benchmark. Maybe my expectations are too high, but if I wanted mediocre I'd go elsewhere. And, if the weight is too high and the hp not proportional by today's high standards, then I will look elsewhere or lessen my expectations and buy the M3 anyway. And, I don't really care if the car can top out @ 186...whatever; it's the journey going from 20 to 120 that's fun.

In the end, I don't want another heavy/high HP sedan. As the weight goes up, the responsiveness and fun factor diminishes.

I respect all of these discussions on EU weight, etc... but it can become very confusing. If you look on the Porsche forums, you'll find that they say it is BMW that grossly under estimates their vehicle weight. (I.E. the 997tt weighs roughly 3495lbs. in the states v. the claimed 3483lbs. for the new M.) That is obviously well less than the 50kg difference claimed by Steved. I know, it's the different standards and integrity issues, but which manufacturer do you believe?