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I agree with you!

Originally Posted by e36jakeo View Post
I knew I'd get some responses to my comment

I seriously don't get the point of taking a perfectly engineered sports coupe, complete with CF roof, and then adding 500 lbs and taking away structural rigidity, thus defeating the entire point of the car.

That is why I say you might as well get a 335i convertible (and if you want more power, it is easy to come by on that turbo 6). Get it with a body kit to match an M3.

A 4-seater convertible cannot remain rigid enough to take advantage of a stiff suspension that comes on an M3, and the additional weight will slow it down significantly.

If you really want a performance convertible get a car engineered AS a convertible (Boxter S, for example) so it is still stiff, light and agile.

BTW, I will be the one outdriving you, no matter what you drive, at any track you choose. I'll be happy to send you some videos on how to drive.

Your response is that of a . . . poser. So get your $75K M3 Vert, put the top down, put on some shades, and pose away
Well said, and I agree with you, YOU don't get the point. Think it through and consider more of the factors and comments by others on this forum. Do you understand what you are implying by your comments? It seems odd and unusual that someone who is so highly skilled on the track has the need to shout it out. Is one kind of BMW enthusiast "better" than another? I think not! If there was an attempt at friendly humor in your comments, I missed the point.
At any rate, keep driving, smile (!), and respect fellow enthusiasts. Please!