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Originally Posted by Chewy734 View Post
good luck with Hoke.
I'm sure he'll be fine.

There was nothing electrifying or outstanding about the predecessors of Dick Rod either. They just knew what it took to make a team work at Michigan. Hoke knows this too. He was out on the recruiting circuits back when he was a D-line coach at Michigan, and has been part of a national championship mentality team (along with a 5-3 record against OSU during his time there).

The most important thing about him is that this is his "end game". Unlike Harbaugh, who would have left after a couple years (a few if we were lucky), he is there and we don't have to worry about him going anywhere. This is where he wants to be, and he understands how everything works at Michigan.

I'm looking forward to the future. It's gonna be rough for a year or two (thanks Fraudriguez, you defensive recruiting genius!), but it won't be too long before the UofM-OSU rivalry is reinstated to its proper level of intensity.