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Originally Posted by spitfire6000
which ones better? i say porsche
You say right. I will sell my Carrera to move to an e90, but it will not be to improve handling! It's mostly to get some cash for a downpayment on a bigger house and to consolidate my automobile stable into one year-round performer that can seat four.

BMWs are incredible cars, but comparing them to a Porsche is really comparing apples to oranges. A Porsche car, even the lowliest boxster, will out-handle and completely out-drive a BMW car. (M cars inluded: they may out-accelerate a Porsche, but they can't out-drive it. It's in the way the cars are designed.) However, a Porsche seats two people and is a pure sports car: the BMW is a car that you can take the family and luggage on vacation with. They are VERY different in that way!!!

Drive safe.

(Note: Cayenne not included, since it is a truck. It will out-handle the BMW x5, but then look at the price tags... It will not out-handle a car. I digress.)