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Originally Posted by DOUT View Post
Kid? First car?
I think you have me mistaken for someone else...
Not bagging on you for not being able to afford a more powerful car, however what is the point of removing your back seats exactly? Please tell me?
Will you be installing a roll cage and transforming your car into a track rat? I dont think so.
Will you benefit from the weight savings? - probably - but not realistically.

You plan to cover the gap with a material and wrap it in carbon fiber vinyl... hmmm... poser move.
Yeah I am very fortunate to be driving a 335i, as are many other people on this forum. I would also say you are fortunate to be driving a 328i and have the benefit of a great education ahead of you.

Once again, I am not picking on you for the lesser car, I just wrote a satirical reproach in order to express my opinion on the foolish "mods" you plan on doing to your car. Hopefully the education at UCLA and future medical school could at least benefit you the intellectual ability to comprehend such comments.

Obviously you lack the ability to read and understand the situation. He was agreeing with you and questioning me...

The intent of the initial comment wasn't meant harshly and was a bit of a joke... You turned it into a so called "High School Drama," big boy.

Be well, buddy.
Originally Posted by DOUT View Post

LOL sorry for jumping on you there, but simply over the internet, I couldn't see your satire whatsoever and it did sound harsh. And I respect your opinion about what mods are foolish and what are not, but to each their own. If I had listened to what mods people think are foolish, my car would have looked way different than the way it sits now.

As for the reasoning about deleting the rear seats, I was planning to remove my rear seats, which weigh ~47lbs (including the headrests), simply because I never drive people in the back of my car and to offset the weight of the subs I was going to put in my trunk. This car also has an amazing amount of sound deadening from OEM unlike most cars that i've done an audio install done, so removing the rear seats would also increase the SPL from the subs and cut down on some of the rattling in the trunk which often leads to a broken gas cap latch.
As for the carbon fabric wrap, it just simply looks better than regular vinyl or fabric. It is not poser, but a matter of my taste. The fact that I also have a 5'x5' sheet of it sitting in my room for the past 6 month from numerous installs also made me want to just get rid of it in a useful way.
And no, no rollbar or harnesses. I'd just get a CG lock, call it a day, and save the cash.
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