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Ill get a pic of mine tomorrow and update this but for now Ill list what I have....

56" Samsung DLP 1080p
Yamaha 550 watt 5.1 receiver (rxv -499 I think it is, about 3 years old now)
Xbox 360 and samsung blu-ray player
Definitive technology speakers: 1 pro center 1000, 4 pro monitor 1000's, and one pro sub 800 (8' 300 watt)

Ill say this, the system gets LOUD and sounds super good, and I think I spent about $1400 or so on it? That was a few years ago though. I cant even turn it up to where I would like to, since I live in a townhome. When I used to live in a house, you could hear it on the street when I had it cranked. For small stuff, they play great.

The tv I got on a day after turkey day type sale, $799 about 2 years ago. Sure its not as sharp as an LCD or LED, but its great for what I paid, especially back then.

Collins....I have a pile of Guitar hero stuff in my corner too, haha.

I also have little to no cable management. Its all just stuffed behind the stand and equipment.