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Originally Posted by dnvrdrvr View Post
Really? Just when I had decided to go square with these at 10"... What tires are you using? Track temps, session lengths, etc?
I have had this issue more on a lower speed track much more on a track that I am primarily in 2nd and 3rd gears where I am working the rear tires much than on a track where I am using 3rd & 4th gears much more.I generally see a 6-8 psi rise in front and as high as 10-14 lb with the pressure rise differential being lower on a higher speed track.These are figures using Nt05's unshaved with a starting presure of 34/30 with 20- 30 minute sessions.The car will very neutral for about the 1st 10 minutes and then develop into a mild oversteer on corner entry to a lot of oversteer power on on exit.
I will probally run both a 10" and 10.5" rear depending on which track I will be running and If I am competing in Time Attak's.My tire selection is totally up in tha air at this point but I thinh a larger rear footprint is a good idea for my agressive driving style.