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Originally Posted by scheherazade View Post

The 2009->2012 engine changes are :
new intake
new down pipe (new cat is literally what I read)

Basically, the 2012 engine is the 2009 engine with some standard mods.

note :
2009 + cobb AP + Y/midpipe can give ballpark 2012 power on an otherwise stock car.
Cobb's page :

I think you are correct. I definitely wouldn't upgrade from a '09 to a '12 if all one wanted was the extra power.

What makes the '12 a nice upgrade are all the other little things. The '12 has some chassis tweak that supposedly make for a better handling car that is also a bit more comfortable. Larger front brake rotor are also in the mix plus aero changes that are supposed to make the GT-R more slick while giving it more high speed down force. I've also heard that transmission cooling is now better which will help the car on the track. Plus there are the little things like the now available rear view camera that will make the GT-R a bit easier to live with.