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Originally Posted by SpmnE9zero View Post
LMAO at this whole thread!
go here and read up: (it is a very informative forum)
There is no "quick" anything in bodybuilding! I have been at this for 9 or so years and still havent mastered it!
Listen I can tell you first hand you are in no shape ready for any sort of cycle if you are asking the questions you are asking.

The cycle you have is nothing more than some vitamins and is more than likely a waste of money.

It is not wise to put anything in your body without knowing exactly what it does and what you need to take to support it and what you need to take (if anything) after it.

You seem to be new at this so take this advice:
Eat a lot
Sleep a lot
Lift properly!
You sound like some sort of workout elitist. I bet you spend most of your time at the gym laughing at everyone else.

I've been working out seriously for the past 2-3 years. I only started taking supplements in the past year and a half. Of course I'm new to this shit, that's why I'm asking about it.

"eat sleep lift properly" - no shit.
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