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3D gaming is a total waste I agree, but I have a Samsung 3D LED TV and the movies are pretty good. More are coming, and I just saw some previews of Shrek 4, Megamind, and How to train your dragon on the samsung 3D app they have now, and they looked damn good. The glasses are fine for me, and you do not wear them out clubing, so who cares how they

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3D is on gonna go bye bye. expensive and not all that great at home. theater is awesome. not enough major channels backing 3D.

CES says so. just a fad that will pass thank god. those glasses are god awful.

uncharted is fucking awesome. kill zone sucks balls. returned that after trying to play 1 level. RE5 was great. i liked COD black ops campaign and online. oh get Batman arkham asylum, you will thank me later
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