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Originally Posted by joelk View Post
I'm definitely getting space gray. I had decided that I would get black leather because I like it, it's safe, and I haven't found FR IRL to check out. Now, I'm starting to feel perhaps an all black interior is a little too boring and that SG w/ FR would be a nice combination.

So, a couple of questions for people that own or have seen a lot of FR:

1) If you have to choose, is FR closer to orange or brown. I realize there's a bit of each ... but if you had to choose what would you say?
I wouldn't make that distinction - it's terra cotta, which is a brown orange red, or red orange brown.
2) Is the M3 the only car that FR is available on? I'm trying to see if there are other models on which I could search for the color at local dealer lots.
I believe it is the only model with that color option. You can try contacting your local BMW CCA and see if they know of anyone local with one.
3) How close is the photo below to being the true FR?
That is one of the best renditions I've seen.

Go for it - it's great and gets lots of compliments. Killer with Space Gray - that was my other choice I kept going back and forth on with Alpine.

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