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Originally Posted by RobH View Post
Long time lerker on the forum so Hi to everyone for first post

I would love to join you guys but two things stopping me:

No M3 (looking to purchase mid to late this year)

Wife's birthday (not a good move when looking to buy mid to late this year!)

Once I am in an M3 I will defintely be an active member. Currently an active member with MX5 club and forum with highly modified turbo MX5 SP.

looking forward to joining the fold

LOL, I dont have a M3 either! No problems as long as you're a fan and even if you only come along before we leave for about 1/2 hr or so it'd still be great!

Besides I'd love the chance to sit in the turbocharged MX5, I test drove a stock MX-5 SP a while ago and loved it!
Too much to list......