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Project: NGHTHWK: Revamped.

Full write-up and professional pictures coming January 14th...ish!

A HUGE THANKS TO ALL OF MY SPONSORS!!! Especially Active Autowerke and Dirty Devil Customs!
(Sorry for the small logo on the sponsor panel Active, you have the biggest two logos on the car, and both windshields.)

Also a thanks to Revinora for that awesome front lip!

The car will look great on the "SPEED" channel for "The Forum Wars" against the C63AMG.

Okay, so here is what is happening. I have already had a photoshoot with this car done, but after a LOT of feedback, I have decided to change the car a little bit. 95% of people like the matte silver and the rims. I had some modifications that I wanted done to the car prior to "The Forum Wars", and I will have the money soon, so I will do it all together. I have decided to get matte black kidney grills. Color the reflectors, headlight sprayers, mirrors, sharkfin, spoiler, and rear fender matte silver with the rest of the car. Only leaving the hoodvents and possibly the side grills red. I will be adding a GT2 style wing, and adding a more aggressive stance to the car. And once I get the money, a rear diffuser. And all of the decals will be pulled off the car.

I really liked the red at first, but it seemed to get old, pretty damn fast. (And yes, it does look better in person, but still.)

Here are the photos from the photoshoot, plus a little video for fun.


UPDATE!! March 18th, 2011. The car has been fully matte silver/clean looking for about two weeks now. Finally decided to post some pictures. Looks WAY better, I'm happy with it, it just feels clean and mean. <-- cheesy. What do you guys think?

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