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09 M3 6 Speed in need of rear diff, drive shaft, axles, exhaust, long story !

First off , his car is an 09 M3 Alpine white, fully loaded. 6 speed and under a BMW lease.

His car was involved in a mysterious event that someone is lying about and its been a constant battle with BMW and himself... I have no idea how / when the mishap happened or what exactly caused it.

Story goes as follows.. His gears were grinding, So BMW replaces his transmission at no cost to him. He gets his car back and doesn't drive it until the following weekend. 113 miles after he got his car back his rear diff became dislodged some how, disconnected from his drive-shaft , some how dented the sh)t out of his rear muffler and the two rear axles were damaged as well from all of this. I have no idea how this really happened. He claims he didn't hit anything, and I want to believe him , because he really has no reason to lie. He brought the car to BMW and they denied his warranty claim. He says it must of been from when it was in BMW but as I see it they really shouldn't of touched his differential when doing a tranny. I jacked his car up and it shows no signs of damamge on any of the under body or side skirts that would lead me to believe he went off the road or what not.. The only damage is a huge dent in his rear muffler from what seems to be the rear diff slamming into it. The diff is currently just hanging out of place in the wrong direction. It is a sad sad site.

So..... regardless of that, BMW has denied any warranty and told him it is on him. So with no warranty in order he has a beatiful e92 M# as a lawn ornament. He has went out and leased a new maxima in the time being and is prepared for it to sit there until his lease it up.

He needs

A Rear Diff
Both Rear Axles
Rear Exhaust Section ( stock or aftermarket , whatever is cheaper)
and I believe a drive-shaft

BMW quoted him just under 8,000 for the work.

If anyone on here can point me in the direction of a wrecked M or a place to get these parts for a better price than list from the dealer please let me know.

He is not that car savvy and is pretty turned off by this whole event. His car is a lease and he is seriously considering just leaving the car at his house until his lease is up and taking them to court. But I am not sure that it is the best idea for him. He knows I know cars and places to source information from, so he has sent me on a mission to help him out. His reward, when it is fixed I get the car when he goes to Cali for business once a month.

I have a 09 370z but it would be sure nice to drive the M . So I hope to help him out, lmao. Thank you for any help, much appreciated.