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Originally Posted by BMW86 View Post
Animal Pak looks great but it's so bloody expensive. How can you guys afford it? Are you supposed to take 1 pak daily and 2 paks during heavy training?
Places like GNC will rape you when it comes to Universal Nutrition products. Case in point:

GNC = $46.99

DPS Nutrition = $22.85 (I get all of my stuff from here)

Same for Animal Pump (what I take pre-workout. It's amazing and has your complete daily supply of creatine)

GNC = $59.99
DPS Nutrition = $27.99

As far as dosage goes, 1 pack is more than enough. You take 2 only if you plan on being in the gym for 4+ hours or something like that and you're going hard on everything with almost no rest between sets/different exercises. And if you do, make sure your first pack is taken at least a few hours before your second one - both with food, preferably taken with grape juice (I forget why).
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