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Testosterone Booster...?

So I got this stacking kit for christmas, but I haven't gotten around to trying it out. It's a Cellucor "Muscle Growth System" package; includes the M5 Creatine shit, some Isopro protein packs, and these P6 testosterone-boosting pills.

The P6 pills are what I'm unsure of. I'm 21, so my testosterone is near or at its peak. Should I even bother taking these? It's full of shit I haven't heard of, and the package includes descriptions that include "stimulates healthy libido". The last thing I want is to have a raging hard on all day long.

Anyways, I'm def taking the creatine mono and the protein, as I'm used to using some form of creatine to help my performance. Just don't know about these pills. Anyone have any experience with these, especially at my age?

I've searched for some online reviews. Most are from guys in their late 20s to 50s. Doesn't really make me want to try em, even if it's just a month's supply.
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