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Originally Posted by persian54 View Post
Going to take it in today for a top off

Hopefully it'll be free as my service was done earlier this week and I've only driven 100 miles

If they want to charge me, I'll be polite and state my claim,

If the won't do it for free, then o well.
I have 5L at my house.

Hope when they top it off it shows full and stays there. Last time I changed my oil I put in 8 L started it and waited for the car to get a reading and sure enough it said to add a litre. I added the litre like it told me and it showed full. After driving the car around the next day it showed it was down about half way between min and max. I parked the car in a nice level spot, took a reading and it never changed. I added 0.5 litre of oil took another reading and it never changed..... still half way between the min and max. Drove the car for another week or so taking readings at least every day and it still stayed half way between min and max.

So with 9.5 Litres of oil in my car and the car still showing halfway between min and max I won't be adding oil unless it asks for a litre. Obviously the car don't need another 0.5 Litre of oil for a total of 10 Litres in the sump. It didn't move for the 800KM (500Miles) of use between the oil change and when I stored the M for the winter so I am quite sure the level is good. I understand that a lot of BMW owners never go under their hood to check oil hence the electronic oil level sensing system, but you think they could have put a dipstick on the car for the folks who do check their own oil. It would really be nice to have a stick to compare the oil level sensor to.

Hopefully with this long post you can see why I don't like the oil level sensing system and don't recommend adding oil till it asks you to. It seems pretty easy to overfill the car if you don't know how to use your head.
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