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I am in the same boat but I just got my ps3 and all of my friends are on xbox only. I tried uncharted and didnt like it. I also tried killzone 2 which had the worst mechanics of a shooter I ever ran across besides mercenaries 2. I am thinking I may get TDU2 on both PS3 and xbox since the only wheel I have for driving is for the ps3 and I want to see if it really makes TDU a better game.

I have held off on getting the Fanatec wheel since they are all messed up with backorders right now, and their customer service is not great. about Harry Potter Deathly Hallows?lol

I finally got a headset to work with PS3 so now I can do some online GT5 with people and be able to interact.

If you want to add me my PSN is racefan_N54
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