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Originally Posted by paintpro21 View Post
305 is not recommended on a 10" rim, and that size R888 would most likely having rubbing issues. If you want to mount a wide tire use the 18x10.5" wheel instead. Although even on that if you're using at a track setup, you don't want to mount too much rubber onto a wheel as it will not function the way it's supposed too.

Going too wide with a tire on a narrow wheel pulls the sides up effectively making the tread narrower. The sidewall doesn't have the support it needs so it's sloppy when changing directions, and the taller OD of the tire negatively effects gearing. Extra rubber doesn't guarantee a better setup.

Toyo measured their 305/35/18 on an 11" wheel. The R888 runs really wide. For some other 3 series fitments 275 NT-01's would fit but the R88 would not. I would venture to guess that the 305 NT-01 would be an easier fit on the 10.5" wheel, but rubbing is still very much a possibly. It's not really possible to go from a 265 street tire to a 305 r-compound without some kind of compromise.
This is going to be a straight line "max traction" setup for S/C, so not really worried about the turns. More about the rub from suspension compression in the rear. With that information do you think the 305 r888 or M/T DR will rub just from rear end squat? Thanks again.