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Originally Posted by bullitt5897 View Post
haah, 10000 -150000 aint worth it.... hmmmm it will take that much to get the 335 where the M will start. not to be rude but the 335 will fail due to the excessive heat of the turbos and will go into limp mode unless alot of intention is put on cooling. the M3 also will have an upgraded suspension over the 335 and will have much more performance capabilities for instance lets slam Twin turbos on the new M and compare apples to apples huh how much raw power do you think that will produce? there is a company who has done this with the M5 and dear Gosh detuned it runs 800hp!!! lets see a 335 run 800hp... dont flame the M before anyone has even truely measured its capabilities first.

Your right....but 10,000-15000 is around MSRP once the dealers get done adding on their lump sums.....20,000 more...and trust me the tuners have already figured out how to over come all those short comings..but for a stock 335 to run 4.8's and the m car run I say hey my 335 looks pretty damn good....rather get a used M5 sedan.