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Trust me you will be back in the states long before the GT3 and GT2 wheels are ready. They just pushed the ship time into "Feb". I knew this would happen which is why I did not pre-order. They told me that they would for sure ship this month but no firm time. They will push it off again until march or april. There are issues with China right now, that they are at the mercy of.

This company seems like they have no money to order these things up and stock them for sale on an on-going process. If they did this they would sell more since their are a lot of people like me who do not like this buy and wait bullshit with no idea as to when we will get the product.

Not only that but they are not doing the GT2 clubsport package. Now you have to order all of that indiv.

The wheel comes only with the paddles no H-pattern shifter. Not sure why they changed that on the site since you can still buy the shifters they say. It is getting a little confusing with them. I have zero confidence ordering now. I am going to wait and see if Thrustmaster follows through with their promise to make their wheel compatible with other games and platforms. T

The reviews I have seen say it is a better feeling wheel in GT5 than the GT3 or GT2, and is on parr with the really expensive Frax and ECCI wheels that cost over 2 grand.

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Im thinking about that GT2 wheel, but gotta wait till Im back in the States. So awkward that its easier for me to order a Fanatec wheel from the states than it is from the country its sold from.

Fry's is supposed to start selling them soon and they do have them on their website no for pre-order. 600 bucks is pretty high though for a wheel that works with only one game right now.

Anyone know where I can get a Playseat setup but without the seat??? I already have a seat from an actual car (350Z) but would like that playseat setup.
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