Thread: M3 = 4.9 only?
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Originally Posted by THE JEDI View Post
Thank you because if the fracking 335 runs 4.8...sorry the M3 is not worth all that extra money nope no way because a tuner will have athe 335 running 4.3......soory to break it to ya but the extar 10-15000 aint worth it...
OMG, are you trying to be a troll or just not informed? This topic has been beat to death on this forum in other threads. Read up about what makes an M an M and how they perform in relation to the nicest base 3 series in the past. BMW have stated that the M will trounce the 335i, even with a significant amount of mods it will still trounce it in 95% of what really matters. You can always get a faster 0-60 by spending A LOT less than an M3 or a modded 335i. If 0-60 is all that matters stuff a supecharged big block into a Mustang...