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Originally Posted by BMRLVR View Post
Understand that "most" techs know how much oil the engine should take and they put in the required quantity. Check on your invoice how many litres were charged out to your car (the TWS 10W60 only comes in litre bottles unlike the other BMW oils which can be in bulk) Although not fool proof this will at least tell you how much oil was billed to the car. The Techs don't want customers coming in and complaining so they will usually try and fill the car to the correct level if they are even a half decent tech.

I have changed my oil twice and both times it has taken 9 litres to show full. I just add 8 Litres, start the car up and let it warm up and get a reading and both times it has given the message to add 1 Litre.

The first time I changed the oil it stayed at the full mark for the duration of the oil change interval. The second time I changed the oil I used the exact same procedure and drained for the same amount of time with the car level and 9 litres brought it to the full mark again. After 2 days the level sensor read about the same as yours, Half way down or a little less. I added a half litre of oil and the level sensor never moved first or last. I have a funny feeling that if I added another half litre it would be over full........ just leave the car alone and it will be fine. The oil level sensor seems very finicky to me and from now on I am going to do oil changes by quantity...... 9 Litres, regardless of where the oil level sensor sits as long as it is within the Min and Max marks.

I recommend you add a quart/Litre only when the message prompts you to.
Thanks for your help and advice

I checked the RO and it says Qty 9

I didn't drive the car today so I was unable to check it

I'll wait until it tells me to add :P